Sunday, March 27, 2011

Texas Field Trip

Another Seaweed Collection Trip to Texas. Yes, I got soaked on more than one occasion, but the water was not really cold
I love live oaks. I wish we had them around here.
Debbie standing in front of a 44' tall, 1,000 year old live oak measuring 35' in circumference with a crown spread of 89'. Simple called "The Tree" located on Goose Island just outside of Corpus Christi. Naturally, I had to pick up a few acorns from this tree that fallen to the ground.
I got lots of pics of this Inca Dove among the blue bonnets which were in full bloom all over Texas.
While hunting for my seaweed look what I nearly stepped on. . . a Portuguese man of war (YIKES!). Beautiful, but painful.
Blue Bonnets

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Garvin Woodland Gardens

Marvin Woodland Garden

The reports were true, the daffodils had come and gone two weeks earlier than usual along with the hyacinths. Many tulips were in the process of dropping their petals as well. The weather in Arkansas is always the wildcard. Fortunately, we did find a few vantage points from which to take some pics, but Brayden was not very cooperative. Nevertheless, with all odds against us we did get off a few good shots and these were a few.

Monday, March 21, 2011

Nature Calls

Potty training Arkansas style.

A Boy and his Coy

As much as Brayden likes feeding my fish each morning in the aquarium, you can just imagine how much he went nuts for this pond of coy at Garvin Woodland Garden. We almost could not get him to leave.

Feeding the Fish

Things Little Boys Do

Bug touching and Rock hopping. What else would you expect from a boy?

Sunday, March 20, 2011

Occasion Trees

Sean and Tabitha's Tulip Tree (in honor of their wedding that took place under a much larger Tulip tree in Hot Springs)
Crabapple tree planted in honor of Brody's birth

Brayden's Redbud tree
Every momentous occasion in our family, I plant a tree or bush to mark the occasion. So far all of the trees are doing well and looking very good. I still have to pick out a tree to plant in honor of Alex and Kayla's wedding.

Birds Moving In

Brayden and I were delighted to learn that the bird boxes we put up this winter already have residence. I know the box with the pine needles are bluebirds, but the box with the moss I am not sure just who is building that nest. We will have to keep our eyes open. The two boxes on my storage building have no nests in them yet.