Saturday, August 13, 2011

Pigeon Forge

Ripley's Aquarium, Pigeon Forge

During our trip to Pigeon Forge we spent one morning at the Aquarium. It was amazing and everyone had a wonderful time. We saw all kinds of sea creatures.

There was a moving walkway thru the main tank.

There was a play area for the children. Brayden checks out the large oyster.

Brody and Adam pose in the diver's suit.

The boys went up into the center of one of the tanks. They even found Nemo.

Playing in the Penguin tunnel.

Casey Jones Museum

On the way to Pigeon Forge, Tennessee we stopped in Jackson and spent the night. We got up on Saturday morning and visited Casey Jones Museum. Brayden loves trains and he was very excited to be there. We toured the museum, a train replica, and Casey Jones house.

Casey Jones was killed in a train collision in April of 1900, something common for that day.

Casey Jones had a nice house for that day. This is a picture of the children's room with their toy train in the floor.
I guess they were just glad to have indoor plumbing, but it didn't look to inviting to me. Gotta love a shower.

Brayden's favorite place was the train table they had set up in the gift shop. He was not happy when we had to leave to get back in the car again.