Saturday, December 26, 2009

Christmas 2009

Candy opens her second present (raw hide candy canes from the Clarkes) that she proceeds to bury in every pillow and furniture cushion in the house. Her first present was the peace sign shirt Alex bought her.
Brayden enjoyed his magical wall/door with all the gizmos attached. Unfortunately, the toy came with a malfunctioning sound board. Or maybe it is not malfunctioning . . . maybe it is suppose to sound that way. . . like someone speaking Chinese considering where Mattel outsources it manufacturing! Don't get me started with all this "made in China" stuff.

Brayden crawls to mommy, but soon will be walking everywhere.

Alex opens gift from sis and Sean
It even snowed Christmas Eve leaving a dusting of white stuff on the grass and cars, nothing major. Unfortunately, it has been a bitter/sweet holiday and in many ways just did not seem like Christmas. To begin with Adam and his family were missing, but should be here in less than two weeks. However, we were able to visit via web cam which was really neat and we hope to take advantage of the technology to see more of them throughout the year.
But most of all, Dad's untimely admission into the hospital Christmas Eve night and the strong possibility of him never returning home did much to dampen spirits throughout our family. We are back to taking shifts at the hospital being with Dad around the clock. Ultimately, we know Dad is on the verge of taking that final journey to a much better place thanks to the Christ child that was sent to this earth to die for the sins of all mankind. My father accepted by faith that gift of salvation long ago and looks forward to an eternity with God. We comfort one another in this knowledge, but are not immune from the sadness of loosing him from our lives. Continue to be in prayer for us during these difficult times, particularly my mother.

Friday, December 11, 2009

Brayden with Santa and Mrs. Claus

I have done a little decorating this year. I haven't gotten my tree up yet, but there is still hope. Brayden was here Wednesday and he wasn't really sure what to think about Santa and Mrs. Claus. He wanted to see, but he still wanted to keep his distance. He examines things so closely with lots of thought, of course in the analytical department he didn't stand a chance but to be a true analyst. Between Sean and Tabitha they can research and study a subject to death. I don't have the patience, but it looks like Brayden will.

Monday, December 7, 2009

We Remember.

December 7th, 1941 is a date that I hope is never forgotten. As we sadly loose more and more of the members of that greatest of generations, let's not forget their contributions and sacrifices that made this country great. Sadly, it seems that every generation since has taken for granted and even abused the freedoms that have been handed them. Like many, I mistakenly thought that September 11th, 2001 would be this generation's "Pearl Harbor" and it would serve to revive a sense of national unity and pride, but it seems those feelings were fleeting and superficial. We are so busy celebrating and emphasizing diversity that we no longer have a sense of national unity. We are so involved in preserving and promoting our individuality that we no longer have a national identity. America is no longer the great melting pot, instead we have become a mixing pot. People want to live in America, but do not want to be Americans. What will it take to bring this nation back to its feet? Will there be another great generation in this nation? I pray so.

Saturday, December 5, 2009

Only in Arkansas

Last Saturday, Debbie and I went to White Oak Lake and Poison Springs State Parks. I was after bird pictures and was very disappointed. All that was stirring that day was a Great Blue Heron shown above. But then we came across this very decorative church building that stands right on White Oak Lake just above the boat ramp. The best I can tell from the signs, here is a church that will teach you how to become fishers of men and bass. I have always heard that fishing is some men's religion. Well, here is where they can go to worship!