Saturday, October 23, 2010


Well, mine wasn't golfball-sized, but a kidney stone gave me a stormy two weeks. After Wednesday's surgery to remove it, I am finally on the mend (I hope). Although, the several attacks of excruciating pain (have to have had one to fully appreciate the adjective) I have been left with a mouthful of canker sores that are a result of the stress caused by the pain (I was told). It was difficult to teach on my first day back to work yesterday because of the nearly dozen sores on my lips and tongue; it may be a real trick trying to preach tomorrow without sounding like I am drunk or making fun of the speech impaired. Nevertheless, I am thankful to God, Dr. Woodward, inventors of pain medication, and my wife for pulling me through yet another kidney stone.

Friday, October 15, 2010

Lake Missing!

Hot and dry. We took Brayden to the lake, but it was gone! Instead of water all we found was dirt, grass, and an old armadillo. Brayden didn't seem to mind too much; he just splashed around in the grass. Such a happy, easy to please boy. I hope he stays that way forever.