Monday, February 13, 2012

Snow Day

Brayden stayed with us for this winter's snow day. We almost made it all winter without seeing any snow so we were kinda glad to see it come. Brayden woke up super early so Pappa watched him while Nanna went back to bed. When I woke up this is what I saw. Pappa had gotten Brayden all dressed up in his snow gear and they headed outside.

Pappa had fixed up a bin lid and a rope and was pulling Brayden around in the yard. They were so cute. Brayden brought a small sled with him but they had a little better luck with their redneck version.

No snow day would be complete without a snow man. This little snowman they made from the snow on top of the hot tub. Brayden took his gloves off for the finishing touches. He was not happy until his snow man had buttons.

Then we finished off the morning making sugar cookies. I let him do most of the work. I think their was as much sugar on the table, floor, and Brayden as their were on the cookies, but we had a great time. Nothing like a little "sprinkles" to brighten up your day.

Now "nap time".